Brazing fluxes


In metal joining, choosing the right flux is as important as selecting the appropriate filler metal. The properties of the metal components to be joined, the temperature and the processing time as well as the flux shelf life, are essential parameters, useful to identify the most suitable product.

Below you will find a list of our standard fluxes, available in 1, 10 and 25 kg packages.

FluxProduct formOperating temperatureDIN EN 1045Description
GeneralPowder Paste550-850 ° CFH 10Multi-purpose smooth flux suitable for most brazing alloys. It shows good resistance to flame heating.
UniversalPowder Paste600-870 ° CFH 10Multi-purpose smooth flux for medium-high temperatures, suitable for most silver-based brazing alloys. It shows very good heat resistance.
Tek FluxPaste550-850° CFH 12Special low-hazard flux in paste form, recommended for brazing silver-based alloys; it is commonly employed to join hard metal tools.
SpecialPaste560-980 °CFH 12Special flux in paste form, generally used to braze tools and when brazing operations entail long processing time.