Phosphorus-containing alloys


These alloys do not need the use of fluxes when employed to braze copper-to-copper; however, a flux is required when joining copper to copper alloys (e.g. brass).
Phosphorus-containing alloys are not suitable for  joining ferrous or nickel-containing metals.
In order to avoid corrosion, the exposure of the joint to sulphurus-containing atmospheres is not recommended.

AlloyComposition (wt %)Melting rangeDensityISOAWS 
J1510P15805-645-8008.4CuP 284BCuP-5Technical Data Sheet
J0510P5896-645-8158.2CuP 281BCuP-3Technical Data Sheet
J0210P291.76.3-645-8258.1CuP 279-Technical Data Sheet
J0060P-93.86.2-710-8908.1CuP 179-Technical Data Sheet
J0070P-937-710-8208.05CuP 180-Technical Data Sheet
J0080P-928-710-7708CuP 182-Technical Data Sheet
J002PS-8677 Sn650-7008CuP 386-Technical Data Sheet

Forms and dimensions

ProductStandard dimensions
WireØ from 0.4 to 3 mm
StripThickness from 0.20 to 2 mm; Width from 3 to 20 mm
RodØ 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm
Flux coated rodØ 1.5, 2 mm
RingAvailable upon request