Silver brazing alloys for general purposes


Silver alloys for general purposes are used to braze various materials such as steel, copper, nickel and their alloys. These filler metals can be employed at service temperatures between -200°C/+200°C without compromising the mechanical properties of the joint.

AlloyComposition (wt %)Melting rangeDensityISO-17672AWS 
J7410074188-740-7809.8--Technical Data Sheet
J65100652015-670-720Ag 265BAg-9Technical Data Sheet
J6010S6030-10 Sn600-7309.8Ag 160BAg-18Technical Data Sheet
J60100602614-695-7309.5--Technical Data Sheet
J5610S5622175 Sn618-6529.5Ag 156BAg-7Technical Data Sheet
J5510S5521222 Sn630-6609.4Ag 155-Technical Data Sheet
J4510S452725.52.5 Sn640-6809.1Ag 145Bag-36Technical Data Sheet
J45100453025-665-7459.2Ag 245BAg-5Technical Data Sheet
J44100443026-675-7359.1Ag 244-Technical Data Sheet
J4010S4030282 Sn650-7109Ag 140BAg -28Technical Data Sheet
J3810S3832282 Sn660-7209.1Ag 138BAg-34Technical Data Sheet
J3410S343627.52.5 Sn630-7309Ag 134-Technical Data Sheet
J331003333.533.5-680-7509--Technical Data Sheet
J3010S3036322 Sn665-7558.8Ag 130-Technical Data Sheet
J30100303832-680-7658.9Ag 230-Technical Data Sheet
J2510S2540332 Sn680-7608.8Ag 125BAg-37Technical Data Sheet
J25100254035-700-7908.8Ag 225-Technical Data Sheet
J20100204435.85-690-8108.7--Technical Data Sheet
J16100165034-790-8308.6--Technical Data Sheet
J121001248400.15 Si800-8308.4Ag 212-Technical Data Sheet
J05100555400.15 Si820-8708.4Ag 205-Technical data sheet

Forms and dimensions

ProductStandard dimensions
WireØ from 0.4 to 3 mm
StripThickness from 0.20 to 2 mm; Width from 3 to 20 mm
RodØ 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm
Flux coated rodØ 1.5, 2 mm
RingAvailable upon request