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AlloyComposition (wt%)Melting rangeDensityISO-17672AWS 
AgCuZnAltro°Cg/cm 3
J7410074188-740-7809.8--Technical Data Sheet
J721007228--78010Ag 272BAg-8Technical Data Sheet
J7220072-28-710-7308.4--Technical Data Sheet
J65100652015-670-720Ag 265BAg-9Technical Data Sheet
J6010S6030-10 Sn600-7309.8Ag 160BAg-18Technical Data Sheet
J60100602614-695-7309.5--Technical Data Sheet
J5610S5622175 Sn618-6529.5Ag 156BAg-7Technical Data Sheet
J5510S5521222 Sn630-6609.4Ag 155-Technical Data Sheet
J5010N5020282 Ni660-7159.4Ag 450BAg-24Technical Data Sheet
J492MN4916237.5 Mn + 4.5 Ni680-7058.9Ag 449BAg-22Technical Data Sheet
J491MN4927.520.52.5 Mn + 0.5 Ni670-6908.9--Technical Data Sheet
J4510S452725.52.5 Sn640-6809.1Ag 145Bag-36Technical Data Sheet
J45100453025-665-7459.2Ag 245BAg-5Technical Data Sheet
J44100443026-675-7359.1Ag 244-Technical Data Sheet
J4010N4030282 Ni660-7809Ag 440BAg-4Technical Data Sheet
J4010S4030282 Sn650-7109Ag 140BAg-28Technical Data Sheet
J391MN3931253 Mn + 2 Ni670-7208.9--Technical Data Sheet
J3810S3832282 Sn660-7209.1Ag 138BAg-34Technical Data Sheet
J3410S343627.52.5 Sn630-7309Ag 134-Technical Data Sheet
J331003333.533.5-680-7509--Technical Data Sheet
J3010S3036322 Sn665-7558.8Ag 130-Technical Data Sheet
J30100303832-680-7658.9Ag 230-Technical Data Sheet
J2510S2540332 Sn680-7608.8Ag 125BAg-37Technical Data Sheet
J25100254035-700-7908.8Ag 225-Technical Data Sheet
J20100204435.85-690-8108.7--Technical Data Sheet
J16100165034-790-8308.6--Technical Data Sheet
J121001248400.15 Si800-8308.4Ag 212-Technical Data Sheet
J05100555400.15 Si820-8708.4Ag 205-Technical data sheet
4927212.5 Mn + 0.5 Ni670-6909.0--Technical Data Sheet
J1510P1580-5 P645-8008.4CuP 284BCuP-5Technical Data Sheet
J0510P589-6 P645-8158.2CuP 281BCuP-3Technical Data Sheet
J0210P291.7-6.3 P645-8258.1CuP 279-Technical Data Sheet
J0060P-93.8-6.2 P710-8908.1CuP 179-Technical Data Sheet
J0070P-93-7 P710-8208.05CuP 180-Technical Data Sheet
J0080P-92-8 P710-7708CuP 182-Technical Data Sheet
J002PS-86-7 P + 7 Sn650-7008CuP 386-Technical Data Sheet

Forms and dimensions

ProductStandard dimensions
WireØ From 0.4 to 3 mm
FoilThickness from 0.20 to 2 mm Width from 3 to 20 mm
RodsØ 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm
Coated rodsØ 1.5, 2 mm
RingsAvailable upon request

Brazing fluxes

General Powder Paste550-850 ° CFH 10Multi-purpose smooth flux suitable for most brazing alloys. It shows good resistance to flame heating.
UniversalPowder Paste600-870 ° CFH 10Multi-purpose smooth flux for medium-high temperatures, suitable for most silver-based brazing alloys. It shows very good heat resistance.
Tek FluxPaste550-850 ° CFH 12Special low-hazard flux in paste form, recommended for brazing silver-based alloys; it is commonly employed to join hard metal tools.
SpecialPaste560-980 °CFH 12Special flux in paste form, generally used to braze tools and when brazing operations entail long processing time.